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Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy has the clear objective to minimise the impact on the environment by preventing pollution, reducing waste and, wherever practicable, take measures to protect and preserve the environment. It is also important to give appropriate consideration to the effects that our operations might have on the local community.

  • All our  materials are segmented and recycled;
  • Our waste vinyl from production is donated to local schools.
  • We recycle 100% of our scrap metal, acrylic, wood and cardboard.
  • We encourage our employees the use of car-sharing initiatives to help cut fuel emissions.
  • We prefer to use, recycled/recyclable paper for letterheads, invoices and brochures and we recycle all paper used in our office.


The first stage of our recycling policy is to make the best possible use of any raw materials we use. By using the maximum area of raw material possible we can immediately reduce wastage and use our resources more efficiently. All "off cuts" or usable leftovers are packed away and kept for use on any appropriate future jobs. If you are looking for a small part or a one off you should contact us- we may well have a small leftover which you can make use of.

Acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglas)

We ONLY use cast acrylic sheet. Not only is cast a much superior material it is also fully recyclable. All scraps of acrylic are sent away to be recycled which eliminates land fill.


All metal scrap is collected and recycled.


At the present time we have not been able to find any specialist PVC recyclers. This being the case we try to limit our use of PVC and use as much material as we can out of the available sheet size.

Aluminium Composite

This material is a tricky recycling proposition because it is a bonded composite of aluminium and plastic. Recycling of this material is available in Germany but not yet common in the UK. We are monitoring the situation and treating aluminium composite in the same way as PVC until such time as recycling facilities are available.

Timber based material

All timber based sheet material is sourced from reputable UK suppliers who comply with sustainability regulations. We maximise usage of timber based boards and use whatever scrap is left as packaging. Pieces which are too small for packaging are suitable for biofuel or land fill.

Plastic packaging (bubblewrap)

We need to use this material because of the way in which UK parcel companies handle consignments. This material can be reused many times so we encourage customers to reuse any packaging materials we send them.


Energy efficiency is something we actively pursue. Whenever possible we limit the use of electricity turning off any machinery which is not in use. Our illuminated sign products are all built with energy efficient LED modules which last longer than traditional light sources and use much less energy.

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